Islamic UGG Australia this winter and warm “sheep” foreign


Although not under the first snow this year, but the temperature has dropped below 0 ℃ up frequently. No Authentic Australia UGG boots to wear it? Then you have missed the warmth for a long time. While ago, both Western style and warm start one pair of snow shoes now, the United States and the United States the New Year. Zhejiang Islamic Shoes Australia since last week launched the double “Dan” after the (Christmas) special thank, bursting with popularity, the company build on the progress, then launched New Year’s Eve concert feedback, greater intensity Oh!
Islamic UGG Australia this winter and warm
Breathing whole lamb wool production in Australia snow boots

Making snow boots wool is the most important raw material, wool is a natural animal fiber, is an important raw material for the textile industry, the main component of keratin, with good elasticity, moisture absorption, warm and good. Speaking of wool, we naturally think of Australia, there is a place rich in high-quality wool. But in fact, that people want to buy high-quality snow boots do not have to be so hard, the Trustee or the sea Amoy purchasing buy from Australia in Haining, you can buy authentic shipped from Australia, Australian Merino Sheepskin hand sewn the OZLAMB UGG snow boots (Islamic Australia UGG).

OZLAMBUGG Lhorong road million industry in the industrial park will have a factory shop, you can see the whole production process not only snow boots, but also buy your favorite styles in the exhibition hall. OZLAMBUGG maximize the retention of soft lambskin, dense, breathable and thermal characteristics, each one is to ensure the durability of snow boots and comfort by the degree of tailoring firm whole lamb, wool and leather.

And good thermal effects, that is, we often say that the thermostatic nature. There is a saying that goes: the whole body warm feet are warm, fine dense wool can be said to be recognized as the best thermal materials, this trait is actually a hollow structure wool scaly decision. At the same time, it is also very good moisture, which is largely decided by the hollow structure of wool, which can quickly drain water feet, and discharged outside the shoe, which keeps the foot dry. Many fashion stars often wear snow boots with anti-quarter is based on this advantage.

OZLAMBUGG snow boots is no longer a dull heavy models, tassels, kawaii style Puff Ball, European-style knight-style straps are addictive. The key is taking into account the characteristics of the southern petite woman, with a slope with money, money in the higher, the absolute increase leg type, overstating body type.

Double “Museum” pronged there is always a right for you

Australia has two factory shop Islamic museum, a boutique shop, sales this year and part of the international fashion and fashion custom shoes.

I saw many people carrying large bags from the store came out, we had all come here for shopping. In fine museum, there are a variety of snow boots and shoes, wedges, and tassels, turned down, the number of models, quality visible. These had a thousand dollars at the mall shoes back on New Year’s Eve special factory shop, as long as the average is about 400 yuan, preferential can say the annual maximum.

Another museum is close to the people, a door you can see Wuyang KAITAI creative showcase, attracting many customers eager to take pictures, there are a variety of sheep by Australia’s wool toys, and instantly realized that Ram coming soon, is designed to allow business customers stick “Western stylehair “foreign money”, to make a good mouth color. In this museum, there are many classic styles snow boots, the price is more close to the people, from tens of dollars to twelve hundred dollars, leopard models, bright skin models, suede models, beautiful and affordable. To the elders, or a friend with a few pairs, is very warm intimate New Year’s gift, oh.

Personal Tailor debuted to Haining Giant “foot” warm enough

This year the Australian Islamic private custom shoe debuted. In private custom area, preferably the latest international fashions for consumers tasting, to provide “one to one” private enjoy customized services by the Australian Islamic senior technical staff. Area in the boutique shoes, have only one customer after the fancy styles were tried, can propose amendments, unique custom pair of snow boots, under normal circumstances about a week to complete customization, foreign guests can also provide express service for free Oh.

Miss King weekend to take advantage of the public came to Australia Arslan, try a few styles and decided to be a pair of black skins to customize suede buckle boots, the price of 600 yuan. “I feel very good quality, style can be customized are the most satisfied, the price is okay.” Miss King said happily.

Such private custom is also reflected in the Australian Islamic people show love. Last week, the newspaper published the “Giant “Zhu Shengxiang trapped for shoes,” a text, the Australian Islamic footwear lent a helping hand to take the initiative. According to the Australian Islamic shoe engineer Wu Chao, the next day they came after reports 朱生祥 home, measure the size of him, for 54 yards, after the record, go to a professional shoe last factory for production, if not complete the index has special requirements of process data, but also to customize the way to Shanghai, made a good shoe, and then try to make a kind of shoes to 朱生祥 feel do not fit, then further modified after repeatedly, in order to ultimately determine under the shoe looks like, and make shoe,cheap Ugg Australia boots .

Ugg snow boots fashion trend Buzz

Ugg snow boots fashion trend Buzz
Although Ugg snow boots have been popular for many years, it is still necessary for the autumn and winter fashion a single product. Fashion trendsetter 皮格茜 · Geldof (Pixie Geldof), some members of Ashley Williams (Ashley Williams), and Vogue fashion team Ugg snow boots have become a big fan. You do not want to fall on the tail fashion, but so what? Today, let us with “Vogue” magazine, the common feeling Ugg unique charm.

Ugg snow boots not win simply by beautiful appearance, the Trump brand is its unparalleled comfort, this feature also attracted a new generation of fashionistas. Design devil Ashley Williams said she usually choose to wear sweater Palace Skateboards, Aries painted jeans Ugg snow boots. If coupled with Moschino bags and hair accessories Meadham Kirchhoff, the better. She bluntly: “Ugg is my choice for 2015‘s clothing, shoes, too comfortable, I like!”

“Vogue” magazine editor Nora large Kahn (Nura Khan) also strongly praised the Ugg snow boots comfort. She said, “Sex and the City” in the role of Carrie Bradshaw (Carrie Bradshaw) is also keen pink Ugg, she often sheepskin jackets, hand-painted jeans Ugg snow boots, casual wear clothing with retro style in San Francisco.

Not only is retro, unique design of Ugg and bohemian mix is a good choice. Sienna Miller (Sienna Miller) to lead this trend: natural bare skin, shiny hair and tanned elegant legs - look just like the passion gypsy style. This also allows Ugg fashion craze into the pinnacle of fashion.

Whether Dongkuan sweaters, sheepskin coat with tradition, or fiery summer bohemian, all beckoning Ugg grand return. But exactly how the Ugg look stylish, unique piercing? Fashion people you support recipe:

1. wearing makeup, makeup match.

2. sports trousers Out!

3. piercing vitality, wear sexy (can be used with fishnet stockings), do not always stick to the lovely wind.

4. Can be used with retro dresses or casual sweaters, the best choice for travel.

5. white tunic shirt or dress shirt, bare legs with black Ugg classic mini, super beauty ride transitional season.

Ten wonderful habit of American life

To the United States for many years, found that there are a lot of Americans in their daily lives and habits of the Chinese people, these habits can not say anything good or bad, to say nothing of popular unpopular, anyway, some people like to do so, the following inventory for everyone Americans ten wonderful habit of life.

1. Do not take off your shoes to go to bed

Many American TV fans have this question: “The Americans do not take off the shoes to go home so even wearing shoes stepped sofa bed??” There are three reasons: First: the concept of different European and American people and Chinese people view different substances, USA people think that matter is to serve, to enjoy the material world enjoy, and that the source material is relatively abundant, dirty, bad, do not the respect of the update, so step on a sofa and bed although it does not matter. Chinese people because of something hard to come by, to obey environmental constraints, the door to the floor for fear of stepping off your shoes dirty, ruined. Second: The United States is relatively clean, free to place on the grass, so much dirt and mud, walked outside one day, not much dirty shoes; everywhere Caicai okay. Third, the US home mostly carpeted shoes to wear into the home, Cengceng clean. So, Americans actually paid for the carpet cleaning!

2. ice water throughout the year, giving birth is also still

Americans throughout the year ice water; water dispenser on their only two files: hot (only used to soak instant coffee and tea bags) and ice water (to drink directly). What warm is it? Americans do not understand. Xiaobian to the United States later, often you can see, even in temperatures below zero in the winter, Starbucks iced coffee is also a lot of people point. Most Americans do not understand is, why you Chinese elements cup of hot water into the hotel? Drink only a small part of the coffee and tea should be hot ah!

People more robust US imperialism has no concept of under confinement unfit for drinking ice water”; American girls in the menstrual period still iced drink; even giving birth to drink a big gulp of ice water to quench their thirst at once!

Of course, on this issue there are two interpretations: one, the people of the US imperialists to red meat-based, natural physique heat, can withstand cold matter; so ice without health problems for them; two, Principles of Economics: We want ah, the American restaurant, you sit over there, the first thing the waiter child is the “popping” sound in front of you put a large glass of water, which also added the Ice. Why? America is full of commercial society, you have to analyze it from this side of reason. Think about it before you eat and drink a glass of ice water does it feel? Ice cold, cool. You think again, after a wounded or injured athletes after is how to deal with? Ice. After that the ice is what it feels like it? Did not feel, is to hurt, really hurt, ah, what inflation did not feel. So come cup ice water at dinner, a little later you eat, how you eat as much any more support you eat, you will not feel. Even if this thing is done in general, you did not feel. A long time, you will become the odd fat. Most people eat Qi Bafen knew full, and came to a halt not eat. But after you drink a glass of iced water, no feeling. So the boss make money.

3. while eating burgers while drinking Diet Coke

Most American food means hamburgers with Coke. Coke is an American invention, this stuff started green, is used to cure a headache medicine; added sugar later found after a good drink, it was brought when the beverage sold, then later swept the United States and around the world a. Burger Fries, also an American invention; McDonald’s open to the world, but drove into the heart of every American. For Americans, hamburger with cola just want to repay the debt, the milk with the same right and proper fritters.

But Americans are not stupid, they gradually discovered this delicious mix although convenient, but not nutrition, calories still overflowing! Street fat, more and more Americans are wise to sit still, they invented a Diet Coke (Diet Coke), 99% fewer calories than the average cola. So they happily with A Q-like, continue to eat hamburgers with Coke; wait own fewer calories later slowly lean downthat day. But frankly, calorie burger fries out there, drinking a Diet Coke light what use is it? And anyway, ate a hamburger fries, Diet Coke still doing it?

The summer wear Australian Ugg boots?

Then look at the “Big Bang,” the first episode of the first season, when it is time to wonder: Why Penny beauties wearing short shorts and T, but stepping on the foot of a pair of UGG? She does not hot? Then just think Penny is a wonderful, came only after the United States found that people’s summer wear UGG US imperialism is simply a traditional practices it! UGG snow boots is not it?

Could not ask people to give two answers: a. “UGG sheepskin really one of the finest of wool can absorb moisture by the boots, like human skin, like automatically adjust and optimize the environment inside the dress boots inside. Thus, both in the cold winter or hot summer, feet can stay dry and comfortable. “this sentence is a look at advertising, but whatever the outcome is a scientific explanation of it! II. US summer indoor air conditioning cold! Do not wear snow boots still feel cold panic yet …… uh. All right. Can understand the comrades can wear on it.

5. Winter still wear short sleeves

Responding to the same US drama, then watch Sex and the City” when Carrie was very surprised to be able to ride outside Dress mink coat in the end …… you are cold or not cold? To the United States after more discovery, summer is the most cost-effective to buy, because you can wear full seasons ah!

Americans are physically fit, casual dress in the winter, many young people are still short-sleeved T-shirt, wrapped in a coat on when cooling, plus a pair of jeans can be the winter. Of course, this is mainly due to indoor heating; but they are also quite a few outdoor wear ah! In the winter the streets of New York, we often see a lot of professional women are wearing light leg outside professional skirt wearing a thick coat, wearing high heels instep exposed, upper body and lower body of a 20-degree difference in temperature of the bar!

In addition to the heat they eat red meat physique warm, small series had thought, they ice water every day, summer and short winter UGG T, temperature sensing is not a problem? But not, as long as the weather warmed a little, once again filled with floating short-sleeved T-shirt.

But later, Xiao Bian also found on every American family has a blanket on the sofa, dressed in winter when they will blanket on the couch watching TV, like dumplings wrapped in silk, and the American people still chilly.

6. You can drink tap water, not hot drink unsolicited

In the United States, most states tap water is drinkable. At first you may feel very uncomfortable, because the kind of special taste of tap water. But it really is drinkable. Institutions had been tested and found that the water level of health than the supermarkets sell some mineral water to be high. Drink tap water instead of bottled water and help protect the environment.

But remember, do not drink the water out of the tap mouth Oh, because both sides of the water is not the same, the water quality is far lower than for hot water out of the cold water tap. Why not just put hot mouth water quality also improved a little bit?

7. tip to the waiter, is that even if you buy a service

In the US, tipping is a very common phenomenon, from the restaurant, take a taxi, let the hotel staff help you with your luggage, etc., all need to give a certain amount of a tip as to recognize and compensate the other party of labor. In most cases is about 15% of the amount you consume. Of course, you can LEVEL this restaurant / hotel, the quality of services will be adjusted. But not to tip is generally considered rude, and make you become unwelcome guests.

Of course, eating a taxi to tip this we all understand, but in many cases, is the service you buy, why in addition to the service expenses? For example, a haircut, the money you pay is the service fee ah, why do Also give a tip? Although small series do not understand, but still nice to!

8. outside the pants to wear underwear lower than

If you ask, “American aesthetic in the most unacceptable thing you what issmall series certainly one second without hesitation answered — Baggy Pants! This is lower than the underwear outside the pants worn many, many really understand incompetent ah!

Baggy pants in the African-American community is a popular pants first, almost all of the hip-hop star passes through the streets like pants, Justin Bieber is like a plus to this pants. But the origin of the pants there are two versions, but there is not a good bird.

Origins A: At the beginning of the 1980s, African-American blacks in the store in order to have invented the pants more space to hold things when stealing. Origins II: US jail inmates will often have been treated chrysanthemum burst, like the phrase “If you can not avoid being raped close your eyes and enjoy it,” then, as some people are much more explosive, invented this does not need to take off the pants would be easy to burst Ju ….. . After the rise of hip-hop fashion, black rappers wear Baggy pants and started a trend, and many people do not know the origin of the white pants, and also wearing a suit, and now has become a part of American street culture.

9. morning bath

Americans and Chinese people do not like, we take a bath at night, they bathe in the morning. If the United States is the girls dressed up at night to wash your face and then generally go to bed. Xiao Bian think how not comfortable, but the Americans explained that as long as there is air conditioning in the place of work can take a bath in the morning, if it is outdoors, so the evening is going to wash.

It is said that they chose to take a shower in the morning because they appreciate the weight, you must first wash the smell out every day.

For this reason will not go into small series, but every time I see a perfect morning to go to work each American girls have hair fluffy hair; compare yourself to sleep collapsed hair, small series will seriously think about taking a bath in the morning is reasonable. But I often think about going to get up half an hour earlier to take a bath blowing hair, this thing will stay in the level of thinking. Then think of the night to go to bed dirty, this thing will not stop even thinking level up. Then someone mentioned opinion: You can wash in the morning all night ah! Why should I give myself a good double trouble! So, a thinking human beings, God laughs.

10. Cats culture - love pets than lovers

Americans love a pet seems to be world famous, world famous,” the. Some people say that Chinese people more than dogs in the United States than in dogs, although some exaggeration, but not unreasonable. TV episodes are how to raise animals every day, guiding people how to raise these animals; Americans like almost every dog cat, cats and dogs they let into the bedroom and went to bed together, all meals, serve good meat.

Sometimes dogs cost is high, the daily cost of food and drink Beauty and the doctor is very impressive, but the Americans are willing to spend the money. Many cities will host the annual “dog show”, the dog can be a fashion show catwalk. Wal-Mart supermarket toy cats and dogs, cats and dogs clothing, cat and dog food, supplies are important commodities. Caused by pet economic growth in the daily consumption, accounting for a large proportion. In short, the United States, there is a great possibility that your quality of life as good as your neighbor’s dog.

Outside of the home, you should be ASHAMED to have Uggs on your feet

Outside of the home, you should be ASHAMED to have Uggs on your feet

I’m not one for policing what women can and cannot do buy 2014 australia ugg boots, nor what they should or should not wear. That said, I am a human being with eyes and opinions and common sense, so naturally, sometimes I find certain styles of clothing to be truly abhorrent. There are not many sartorial choices that really make me mad, but when I see fully grown-up women wearing undeniably dumb things, I feel like not only have they offended me by wearing said things, but they’ve offended themselves. Obviously, this is a subjective call, although I feel like you’re going to agree with my loathing of at least three of the following should-be-banned items if you’re any kind of rational person. I’m not just being mean for the sake of being mean; I’m being mean for the greater good, and so we can put an end to grown women who still dress like “manic pixie dream girls”, or “socially unaware teenagers”, or “people who are still asleep but somehow stumbled into public.” We’re all going to do better than that in 2015!

Being a grown woman is about doing as you please—but also doing what serves you best. Having self-respect means staying true to who you are, and letting that be reflected in your clothes, but it also means striving for “who you are” to be someone who is practical and effectual, both in her wardrobe and in life. The rules aren’t hard: Try not to wear anything too undeniably ugly, at least not in public, where people are trying to decide whether to, you know, hire you for an awesome job or something. Don’t wear other people’s cultures as costume or fashion statement. Dress for the environment that you’re in. Don’t spend too much money on something trendy, because trends are mostly dumb and fleeting, but money spent is gone for good. Be yourself. But most importantly, don’t ever be seen in the four things listed below.
1. Knee-High Boots

I know a lot of you are going to hate this edict, but I’m throwing it out there regardless: Knee-high boots are done. They need to be completely done forever. OK, we can keep rain boots. But that’s it. Unless you’re Rihanna, lose any boots that are knee height. They make you look like you forgot it wasn’t 2001 any more. Moreover, if you’re less than six feet tall, they cut your legs in half and make you look weird and stumpy. I have a massive aversion to knee high boots. They’re one of those bygone trends that make wearers look like they don’t know what current trends are. Boho is now a no-no. If you’re happy with all that, then by all means, carry on.
2. “Festival Wear”

I’m not saying not to go to festivals, nor am I saying that wearing clothes that show a lot of skin in a practical attempt to not get heat stroke is a bad thing. But grown women wear their regular clothes to festivals. They do not have festival specific Daisy Dukes and offensive, feathered Native American headdresses. You’re too smart for that kind of crap now. I mean, look at this idiot (above). You’re judging her, right? (Hopefully, she’s judged herself too. We all have to learn the lessons sometimes.)
3. T-shirts With Slogans On Them

You are not a “Boss Bitch”. I mean, maybe you are. I hope you are! But wearing a shirt proclaiming kinda makes it automatically untrue, you know? You are also not an “Angel” [insert embossed wings here]. And you’re certainly not any of those things when they’re emblazoned across your chest in diamantes. Leave the glittery (often un-seamed for some reason) t-shirts with slogans on them, a-la Britney Spears circa 2000, with your 15-year-old, mall rat self.
4. Uggs

The only excuse for Uggs is you’re inside, it’s cold, and no other humans can see you. This knowledge appears to be inherent to Australians only (home of the Ugg). Outside of the home, you should be ASHAMED to have Uggs on your feet. You deserve better. Your feet deserve better. Everyone looking at you DESERVES BETTER. You might think you’re making some kind of glamor statement with Uggs, but you just look like a slovenly fool who paid too much for their slippers. (Ugg makes amaaaazing slippers, by the way. They are the house shoes of everyone’s dreams—just don’t wear them outside.)

UGG classic short boots paragraph Dolphin Blue color

UGG classic short boots paragraph Dolphin Blue color

UGG snow boots in Australia is a common name, but outside of Australia, which we usually refer to UGG, is referring to the US subsidiary of Deckers UGG Australia snow boots this famous brand. The UGG boots no lace, no bows, no embellishment, is the most classic UGG classic short boots models, the most classic is the best. A grade wool skin material, turn fur guard with nylon edging. Soft and comfortable sheepskin lining combined with molded EVA light and flexible outsole. Warm wind performance is beyond doubt.

Amazon is currently US shoe sales to third parties,UGG Dolphin Blue boots color models priced at $ 104.9, this pair of snow boots are not supported direct mail, buyers need to choose transit, transshipment hand probably about 760 yuan. Another variety of colors to choose from, different prices. Jingdong same model as well as the domestic price of about 2200 yuan Lynx, these ugg more difficult to verify the authenticity, look very carefully after purchase.

2014 new winter warm wool UGG Ms. Bow Flats

UGG Mandie Ms. wool flat shoes, sheepskin suede uppers, classic moccasin shoes, toe embellished leather laces tied into a bow, and comfortable with wool sheepskin lining breathable and warm, the feet will not feel overheating, molded rubber outsole lightweight, durable resistance, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, wear not feel tired all day.

Original price $ 120, 6pm at present to 4.6 Cloud gray pink folded about ¥ 340.8,6 price $ 54.99 yards or more full-size, two pounds shipping weight is expected is expected to hand including shipping ¥ 420, the official website of the domestic price of ¥ 1200.

Ms. UGG Mandie leather shoes casual shoes $ 54.99

Ms. UGG Mandie leather shoes casual shoes $ 54.99
UGG both generic name for a class of shoes, but also a brand, UGG australia is a well-known US brand snow boots (yes, the United States).

Ms. UGG Mandie leather shoes casual shoes waterproof pigskin caiyong turn drove fur soft shoes, a unique multi-layered leather shoelace bow, decorated with catcher details and seams, fur insole makes comfortable, today for $ 54.99, Discount Ugg boots off itself is 4.6, and 6 yards began to stock size is fairly complete.

2014 New UGG Australia Azalea buckle-in-tube snow boots fringed

Every winter the most essential sister who is a pair of snow boots warm and comfortable, filled with classic, tired of watching it all, fashion is to have personality!
The UGG Australia Azalea in-tube snow boots UGG classic short boots features of using sheep wool design, warm and comfortable. Boots using two style open design, the design of sophisticated retro button can adjust the tightness, easy to wear off. Button below the design personality tassel, tassel bottom LOGO printing retro metal signs and other decorative objects. With the pace of the swing can be personalized fashion

Currently UGG Australia Azalea new buckle fringed in-tube snow boots low price $ 120.99, colored optional, but also be able to use the latest 85% discount code 6PMCN1219201415203, the final price of only $ 102.84, sea Amoy direct link

How to choose the size, please click: sister winter essential: UGG Australia snow boots how to choose and where to buy scouring the sea!

UGG is a famous American footwear, apparel and handbags fashion brand. UGG Australia is a country of origin for snow boots snow boots call Jane, in Australia, UGG footwear category noun. In other countries, because the United States registered trademarks of Global deckers, UGG has become the company’s brand name footwear, apparel and handbags. UGG many brands currently on the market, the real trend or to the number of UGG Australia.

Buy snow boots still receive UGG! UGG Classic Short Classic Blue Dolphin snow boots $ 85

Buy snow boots still receive UGG! UGG Classic Short Classic Blue Dolphin snow boots $ 85

UGG Classic boots  Blue Dolphin 6PM on offer about $ 100.99 ¥ 625, the lowest price should be recent, and overlay the latest discount codes 8.5 6PMCN1219201415203, the final price of about 85 knife - it should be a little cheap this year ~

Now it has been a crazy black five times, transport limitation is also good, considering this package is relatively large boots recommended choice is not the volume of transport costs, transport weight of approximately 4 pounds or more. . We discretionary purchase - but compared to domestic or has a huge advantage, with the Lynx 2400, and not the colors look good ~

UGG snow boots originated as a veteran brand, mainly in high-quality wool and impeccable famous shoe-making process. Wool, fur, skin, hair, Australian sheep is taken down. Conversely sewn into shoes. Row pull up the process of boots body, flexibility with the foot. Natural wool insulation and moisture absorption feature allows the foot thermostat 23 degrees, without fear cold invasion.

australian Ugg boots, all with the best sheep wool. Tall sheepskin board flexibility, thick wool. Even steppin hair part, are exceptionally soft and dense. So the choice of materials, workmanship are strict requirements of boots, the brand will naturally have higher than normal price ~

Baby booted note what the election

Baby  booted note what the election

“My most stylish snow boots fashion fashion ······” popular clothes are not proficient in the small series also vaguely remember, from the beginning of the winter of 2009, called UGG snow boots began to appear in the fashion tide people’s feet. It also reveals a little simple-minded shoe Han Han’s cute, different colors to highlight different temperament and personality, and most importantly, warm it! In fact, at first, but this would have been a wartime worn rise in Australia is wrapped in two pieces of sheepskin shoes to keep warm, but no matter now is trendy clothing of people, or the concept of avant-garde white-foot pair of snow boots in the winter has set off a wave in the world, feel silky cashmere people love does not Explanation feet.

Snow boots trendy, but do not forget it is the most important function is to “warm”, but the baby is not the most suitable for wearing the shoes, UGG boots for kids so like with snow boots to the baby’s mother in the selection must pay attention :

1. The baby is not wearing snow boots

Occasional snow boots swap what is possible, but may be due to the fresh baby wants long-wearing, and this will affect the health of the. Because wearing a winter snow boots bound to have a baby’s joints, muscles causing additional wear and tear easily lead to defects in the baby’s growth and development, resulting in “the level of foot,” and so on. The mothers do not worry baby cold, in fact, they are lively nature always running and jumping, not very cold, wearing snow boots but hindered action.

2. snow boots to help endure Foot

Snow boots in the selection should be selected with a fixed upper style design, because the bones of children, joints, ligaments are in the developmental stage, counterweight relatively weak. If too soft uppers, feet get appropriate support in the shoe will allow the foot swings, causing ankle ligament damage, and may develop bad walking posture, so after the snow boots to help children to be stiff , including feet.

3. sole thickness, moderate hardness

Snow boots too soft soles can not support the foot, easy to let your baby’s feet to produce fatigue, thus affecting the health of the knee and lower back. In addition, if too thick soles make the whole center of gravity, the force balance destruction of the foot, in the long run will affect the feet of joint structures, and even physiological curve of the spine deformation, so the baby snow boots soles thickness and hardness must fit.

4. uppers softness have to try

Snow boots uppers if too soft, the baby’s feet would be difficult to resist the impact of a hard object on the toe, so it is very safe. And at the upper instep should try some soft to facilitate bending the ankle.