Yes, we’re afraid winter 2014 is a-coming

UGG are giving away free boots, this is how to get your hands on a pair

Free = our favourite price.

With the weather turning colder this weekend (yes, we’re afraid winter 2014 is a-coming), it’s finally time to crack out your winter wardrobe… or in the case of most of us, buy 2014 australia ugg boots.

And while any excuse to buy new clothes is obviously a good thing, trudging round the shops in the cold and rain isn’t the best.

But get this – for the month of October the lovely people at UGG Australia are giving away free (yes, FREE!) boots to weary shoppers in central London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds (sorry rest of the UK).

So, how do you bag yourself a pair of free boots?

Well, throughout October UGG will be posting UGG shout outs on their Twitter and Facebook pages. When this happens, you need to tweet them a picture of your shoe-mare (soggy slippers, painful points, you get the picture) along with your shoe size, and the UGGcould be making it’s way to you.
Ugg, Ugg boots, Ugg Australia, UggSOS, Free boots, Ugg giveaway, Ugg twitter, Ugg Facebook, Cheap Ugg boots, Real Ugg bootsThe classic UGG mini leather we all know and love (Picture: Ugg)

And even if you’re not the lucky recipient of a free pair of boots, it’s worth keeping an eye out for the #UGGSOS scooter, as it will also be randomly distributing gift cards worth up to £150.

UGG back to primitive times

UGG Bailey Button Boots Womens Black 5803
Classic wool started UGG Australia, continues this fall and winter boots for a congregation to surprise fans. Whether men, women, and even children’s clothing are popular Animal print is bright, classic style sheepskin boots combines various shades of snakes and leopard pattern, but also a sense of a little back to the era of the original boots. Used to wear dark snow boots, try animal pattern, bringing a fresh feeling.

This season there are bright bling bling, mixed colors and unique fabrics elements, the brand also launched this season to create a waterproof top leather boots series True, the traditional classic design with leather, bringing timeless fashion beauty and practicality, providing comfortable warmth fashion modeling, even if there is a sudden heavy rain, do not be afraid.

I will try on your Ugg boots

australian ugg boots

In my life, I have always strived to fit in as well as I can with pop culture and lifestyle norms of my social stratum (girls aged 14-18). I will try on your australian Ugg boots, I will drink your pumpkin spice and I will wear your leggings.

But here’s the thing: Uggs are comfy as all hell, pumpkins are delicious and leggings allow me to feel like I’m not really wearing pants three out of the seven days of the week. I have to draw the line somewhere, and that line is a line of quality. It is a line that John Green crossed when he wrote the book “The Fault in Our Stars.”

Allow me to explain: In my quest to find a common ground with my peers, I picked up “The Fault in Our Stars.” What ensued was a typhoon of pretentious BS that I’m still left reeling from.

From the first moment I met the book’s main character, I knew that I was destined to be utterly annoyed with Hazel Grace Lancaster. From her insistence on wearing Converse to her condescending attitude toward her mother, I couldn’t help but experience flash backs to a mopey “emo” middle-schooler who “no one understands.” I get that she has cancer, and that’s terrible. Writing a character that has cancer does not give the author justification to write that same character as completely unrelatable and unpleasant. I mean, the only thing I could find even remotely relatable and un-hatable about this character is her love for “America’s Next Top Model” (Smize with me, girl).

Hazel only gets worse when her cigarette-pretend-smoking, beefcake boyfriend Augustus comes onto the scene. As soon as Green describes Hazel’s eye roll when he states his greatest fear to be “oblivion” in support group, you can just feel the forced chemistry between them. She thinks he’s ridiculous, he thinks she’s beautiful, and the story unfolds.

Things are pretty vanilla-angst-teen-romance for a while until Augustus gets in touch with Hazel’s favorite author, Peter Van Houten, and decides to use his “cancer kid Wish” to take her to Amsterdam to meet Van Houten. They arrive and, surprise, surprise, Van Houten is a cranky, drunken jerk. But that won’t put a damper on this vacation! Cue cheesy canal boat rides, fancy dinners complete with champagne and Dutch duck and, of course, make out sessions in a somber Holocaust memorial site. Don’t worry about the eight people that were led out of that house to their eventual deaths, guys! They would want you to have this moment. Really.

So, in short: Stop wearing that “Okay? Okay.” shirt. Stop making your Twitter bios that ridiculous quote about fathoming thoughts into constellations. And for the love of God, stop Instagramming pictures of Ansel Elgort for your #mcm. Read a real book. Please.